Reliable Support for Independent Agents

Create a career you love by becoming an independent insurance agent. An FMO partnership with Health Resource Advisors offers flexible work schedules and the opportunity to be your own boss without the stress of lead generation and back-office management.

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Boost Your Portfolio with

Medicare Carriers

The company logos displayed represent some of the products that Health Resource Advisors is appointed to sell. Health Resource Advisors is an independent company.

More Than Sales and Commissions

Health Resource Advisors is an FMO, or field marketing organization, supporting independent insurance agents and brokers. 

Our agents specialize in helping their clients choose Medicare plans and navigate the complexities of their medical benefits. As independent insurance brokers, our agents have access to products and plans from a variety of carriers. Their clients have the option to choose a plan that fits them best for everything from Medicare Advantage to Medicare Supplement coverage to Coordinated Care plans.

It’s our job to help our agents stay focused on their clients. We handle document management and marketing so they can attend to their clients and build their book of business. We keep our agents current on new and changing product offerings, generate client leads, and handle administrative work so they can do what they do best — sell.

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Why Partner With Us

We work hard to ensure our agents value our relationship and get the results they are looking for in their FMO partner. Seem like a good fit? Join us.

Unlike being a captive agent, working as an independent agent gives you access to products and plans from top carriers nationwide. More options lets you offer your clients a highly comprehensive selection to find a plan that fits their needs.

Health Resource Advisors has relationships with several of the top local and nationwide insurance carriers. Our carrier partners offer some of the most highly-rated Medicare health insurance in the area.

With the big guys, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd and not get the attention you need to be successful. With Health Resource Advisors, you get the advantage of an extensive range of carriers to build your portfolio, as well as one-on-one support to grow your business.

Message From Our President

Since its foundation, Health Resource Advisors has been there to guide individuals through the ins and outs of Medicare. It’s our goal to connect them with an agent who is an expert at navigating through the fine print and details to find the plan that best suits their needs. 

For this reason, every day, we work to help our agents stay up-to-date on the most current guidelines and practices. We provide them with one-on-one training and support them with the tools they need to grow their knowledge and serve their clients better.

Andrew Rosenberg, President
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For more than a decade, I’ve consistently turned to Health Resource Advisors for the pulse of the Maryland Medicare Advantage market.Nelson J. Sabatini, 2-term Secretary of Health & Mental Hygiene

As an independent agency, Health Resource Advisors combines an in-depth knowledge of the outside broker community with an understanding of how carrier operations work.Mark Puente, President/CEO/Founder of multiple Maryland Medicare Advantage Plans

Having worked with Andrew for over 20 years in the Medicare arena, Health Resource Advisors is always my recommendation to carriers seeking representation from the broker community. The carriers, the field agents, and most importantly, the beneficiaries, are all in good hands.Robb Cohen, Co-Founder & Chief Government Affairs Officer, XLHealth / VP Government Affairs, United Healthcare (XLHealth sold to UnitedHealth Group 2011)

As a leader across multiple carriers, Health Resource Advisors has an in-depth understanding of the coverage options available that allows them to map beneficiary needs to the most appropriate plan.Paul Serini, Co-Founder Care Improvement Plus

Health Resource Advisors is able to provide us with a unique and valuable perspective of the local healthcare delivery systems.Mike Stitcher, Managing Director, Berkeley Research Group